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How Our Service Works:

Most small businesses are self-financed by their owners. And usually, this means the owners rely on their personal credit to gain working capital to run their business. Often times this form of financing is a credit card or a personal loan collateralized by property. And small businesses often need money for continued business expenses much more so than the average citizen--and therefore business owners need good credit to get the loans required. So good credit is a must for small businesses seeking money.

These types of individual business owners are our primary customer because their business survival has so much to do with keeping good personal credit scores.

CMI provides valuable information to its subscribers via the Internet and through monthly newsletters. Subscribers thus gain access to our member website which contains worthy articles, statistics, case studies, and links aimed at educating our subscribers on how to get and maintain a better credit score.

This is a critical moment for you, and for millions of other American entrepreneurs. What you do now to protect yourself will make a huge impact on your wealth and your family’s financial security for the rest of your life. You have to start today separating your business credit from your personal credit. Protect your valuable business assets while retaining your family’s independent security regardless of your business successes or failures.

If You Don't Know How To "Play the Lending Game" . . . Then You Will Almost Always Lose... 

     What if we told you that there was a way for anyone, no matter how bad your personal credit might be, to secure great lines of credit to help grow or establish any company?
 2     What if we told you that you could have step-by-step information that will allow you to increase your current lines of credit that could help save any business from failure?
3     What if we told you that you could have instant access to insider information that ensures that
your loan application has the best possible chance of approval?

 4What if we told you we would personally help build your credit for you?
Get you up to $250,000 credit in six months or less?

      Well, we are about to do just that. We are about to get you started building your business credit to achieve all the credit you need to succeed without using your personal credit.  We'll help steer you through the "lending game" so you can easily navigate the maze that lenders have built for you to stumble through.  We will expose the "top-secret" information that will allow you to make all of your dreams a reality.

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Our Unconditional Guarantee:

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, you can cancel any time,
for any reason, and you will be entitled to a full refund of your monthly subscription
fee for the month in which you cancel. 


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