"Your Guideline to Credit Stability"
"Your Guideline To Credit Stability"

Pitching an Investor

What deals get funded

•Balance between risk & return
•Right valuation, team, market
•An investor gets it!
•Proven track record
•Investor can believe in Jockey
•Knowledge of the Space
•Superior investment to all otheralternatives

Pitching Tips
1.Strong, but simple opening
2.Market Need(problem) & Business Model (solution)
3.Market Overview
4.Product & Service Overview
5.Competition & Competitive Advantages
6.Strategic Partners, Customers
7.Management Team
9.Funds Sought/Use of Funds
10.Financial Projections

•First 30 seconds are crucial!
•KISS (keep it simple stupid)
•So simple that a 12-year old can understand
•If an investor doesn’t understand after 30 seconds, you’re toast!

Market Need & Biz Model
•Describe the problemthat you are solving for your customers
•How you will make moneydelivering the solution

Market Overview
•Prove that your entering a substantial market size
•Show that the market is growing
•Make it easy to see that you can reach $30-$50M in revenues

Product & Service Overview
•Investors want to see products/services that are “Pain Killers”to the customers, not “Vitamins”
•Talk about Intellectual Property (if you have it)
•TIP: Don’t spend too much time on this section (most entrepreneurs do)
•You’re selling your company to investors, not your product

•Who are your competitors? What are their strengths/weaknesses
•Tip: you always have competition. How are they satisfying the need today?

Competitive Advantages
•Talk about your sustainablecompetitive advantages & barriers to entry
•Why will your customers buy from you and not your competitors?

•What have you already accomplished?
•Revenue, commitment letters, customers, strategic partnerships, advisory board members, rounds of funding, technology developed, patents, awards, etc.
•What milestones do you need to reach over the next 6-12 months?

Management Team
•Previous relative experience
•Key advisory/board members
•Show what you have already done to prove that you can execute

Financial Overview
•Brief overview of financial projections
•3-5 year income statement
•Think big!

Funding Sought/Use of Funds
•Deal terms
•Equity, debt, convertible, etc.
•What will the funds be used for?

Key Consideration
YOU! Be prepared to impress…
Keys to angel investments:
Keys toVCinvestments:
1.Large Addressable Market



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