"Your Guideline to Credit Stability"
"Your Guideline To Credit Stability"

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CMI rapidly builds Business Credit for our subscribers by establishing credit lines with vendors who report your prompt payments to the major business credit reporting agencies. As your profile and payment records grow, we help you establish further vendor and credit line relationships for larger amounts. These monthly positive payment reports, along with your completion of other recommended actions, result in the rapid development of a sound and growing credit profile for your business. We'll walk you through the process to gain increasing access to capital for your business by creating a credit friendly profile. And best of all, your business credit profile is completely separate from your personal credit profile.

There are more expensive programs than ours.  We've bought them and cut out all the needless info they include to justify their higher prices.  We'll give you the outline of what you need to know, the order in which to complete the process, and the vendors who will give you instant credit with no personal guarantee.  Then we'll show you how to get your positive credit profile to the credit bureaus.  You'll have vendor credit in the first two weeks, you'll have a positive credit profile with the major bureaus in the first 3 months, and you'll be qualified to earn bank lines of credit in 6 months in your business name only, GUARANTEED.

You don't need a personal credit coach, you don't need to pay Dunn and Bradstreet anything, and you don't need to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars that our competitors charge.  Get started now!
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