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Important Information Regarding Your 2016 Rates And New Offer

At Credit Management Inc., we are always working to find the best strategies for small business financing—financing that has everything to do with your business credit score.  In these challenging economic times, access to capital is perhaps the single most important aspect to insuring the survival of your company.  To be sure, the businesses that can make it through this economic downturn will be the first to accelerate when better times appear.  As an active subscriber to Credit Management services, you’ve already improved your business credit score and now we want to help you understand, maintain and build your business credit profile.

Our customers know the value of a good and improving business credit score.  Lending institutions have been hoarding money.  In fact they are hoarding the same money that was given to them by the government, and borrowed from you the taxpayer, so that they would loan it back to the economy to stimulate growth.  But the lending institutions are only now starting to loosen their purse strings and the only businesses who have a chance at getting a loan will be those with the best looking business credit scores and credit histories.  And this is where we come in.

For a limited time only, we are offering to make available your Dun & Bradstreet business credit profile so that you can see what lenders see about your businesses credit profile.  You can access this information yourself but Dun & Bradstreet will charge you $149 for the most basic package.  Their credit builder package will cost you even more, a whooping $499.  But since we are a reporting partner with Dun & Bradstreet and access hundreds of accounts with them, we receive a volume discount.  And we’ll pass the savings along to our subscribers. 

Now is the time to access your Business Credit Profile and be prepared in 2016

Get your Business Credit Profile today, only available to our subscribers, for only
*over 40% off the Dun & Bradstreet File Creator price and includes:
-Business Credit Score
-6-months payment history
-Lendors credit limit recommendation

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Be Prepared in 2016

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