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CMI is in the business of credit counseling.
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Our service provides little known information about the types of things that raise or lower your credit score. Today, more than ever, your credit score plays an enormous role in deciding whether or not you get approved for credit for such things as house purchases, car loans, credit cards and even department store charge cards. Subsequently, those with higher scores are given more access to capital than those with lower scores.

There are even plenty of cases where a millionaire can’t get a loan that an average hourly laborer could get because the millionaire has a lower credit score. And while most people don’t know how their credit score is determined, they are forced to live with the consequences of their score. CMI believes that citizens who are judged by credit scores ought to at least know how the scoring works, how their scores rise and fall, and ultimately how to better their score.

The Credit Bureaus (Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian) are for some reason reluctant to precisely answer these questions, so CMI has taken to providing as much information as possible to unearth the truths about credit scoring. CMI provides this information to its subscribers so that those subscribers can take better control of their financial well-being and credit worthiness.

Money is power and access to money is significantly dependant on your credit score! Get answers to your questions, be prepared!

Build Business Credit
Most small business loans require that your business has credit scores that are separate from you personally.

Get business credit scores fast.


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checkCredit Building Checklist

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check2Build Business Credit The Right Way

check2Your Company's Financial Position

check2Corporate Credit Information

check2 Establishing Corporate Credit

check2 Forms of Business Ownership

check2 Pitching an Investor

check2$1 Million Lost Due To Bad Credit

check2Got Credit Limit Decrease?

check2Short Sale Credit Ding?


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